Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Espenido said Nova swallowed a USB

OZAMIZ CITY—Straight from his mouth, City Police Chief Insp. Jovie Espenido said Vice Mayor Nova Princess Echavez swallowed a flash drive containing a supposed list of her family's illegal transactions when she was arrested.

A video uploaded and shared by the YouTube channel GMA News showed Echavez caught on camera getting something from her bag and put it into her mouth immediately.

The video was taken during the raid conducted by the authorities on Echavez’s house last July 30.

Closer look showed Echavez hiding something tightly on her palms and the police and she wrestles as the authority was trying hard to get it from her.

As they were able to get it from her, they discovered that it was just a packet containing something that is color white after which the cops immediately handcuffed her.

"Hindi naman iyun papel, micro ano, iyung maliit bang USB. Naisubo niya. Hanggang ngayon siguro nasa tiyan pa niya... Mga transaksyon iyun," Espenido said in an interview with Noli de Castro of DZMM, this morning, Aug. 9.

A computer expert told Philippine Preview in a huddle that USB drives sometimes have heavy metals and sharp edges and that those who try to swallow it should consider going to the doctor.

He added that it’s difficult to determine how serious this person who swallowed would become-- at least it was an interesting scenario but some USB drives are pretty resilient.

Nothing good can come from swallowing a USB. The metals and semiconductors are not good to ingest, he added. (MICHAEL MEDINA)