Thursday, March 15, 2018

DSWD lauds Ozamiz in 2018 PaNata Ko Sa Bayan Awards

OZAMIZ CITY--The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) recently handed over its recognition to its various partners and stakeholders who have helped them in providing programs and services through the “Pagkilala sa Natatanging Kontribusyon sa Bayan (PaNata Ko sa Bayan) Awards.”

The awarding was held during the 67th founding anniversary of DSWD last March 8 at the DSWD Central Office in Quezon City headed by Development (DSWD) Officer-in-Charge (OIC) Emmanuel A. Leyco.

Different awards were given like the “Salamat Po Awards,” “GAPAS Awards,” “Gawad Serbisyo” and Gawad Ulat,” among others. 

In a report from the City Mayor’s office, it announced Acting Mayor Irene E. Luansing as one of the awardees in the Gawad Good Convergence Initiative for the local government's Pantawid Kolehiyo Program.

Luansing was bestowed the award for her support in the college tuition of 86 scholars who are children of 4Ps beneficiary families.

“This signifies her strong resolve to make education access a key long-term strategy in addressing poverty,” the press release from her office said.

Fifteen other throughout the country vied for the award but only five made it to the final mark with Ozamiz City on top of the list, the press release further said.

It was also known that the previous administration has left the said program unfunded for unknown reasons, as the press release stated, which Luansing readily took action when she became mayor.

DSWD’s Leyco expressed his gratefulness in his speech for all the help given to the Department in pertinence to its mission, vision and goal to serve the Filipino people or every Filipino people in need.

“Now more than ever, we must all unite to ensure that we are able to provide our beneficiaries and the rest of the Filipino people prompt and compassionate service that has no room for corruption,” he added. (MICHAEL MEDINA)

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Luansing calls Espenido ‘new hoodlum on the block’

OZAMIZ CITY—Carefully matching her description of him as uncontrollable and disorderly, Acting Mayor Irene “Girlet” Luansing lately called City Chief of Police C/Insp. Jovie Espenido as the “new hoodlum on the block.”

Luansing’s name-calling was contained in a letter dated Nov. 29. 2017 and forwarded to Chief PNP Dir. Gen. Ronald de la Rosa, a copy of which was obtained by Mindanaoan Broadcasting Channel chief Expedita Roxas and shared to The Philippine Preview.

In the said letter, the local chief executive called the attention of the PNP director over the unruly conduct of Espenido and appealed for attention for the interest and integrity of institutions and the correctness of police functions.

Luansing cited four details in her letter: first is the pronouncement of bad words by the police chief against her and her men on account of baseless accusations, bringing up Espenido’s earlier threat to Ryan Rosauro—the mayor’s chief executive assistant—a conduct she says is unbecoming of a police officer.

Next, Luansing says Espenido has been harping about her cutting off the city police’s support when the truth is that such funding was already restored by her leadership after the late Mayor Reynaldo Parojinog Sr. scrapped it off middle of 2017.

The specified budget, it was learned, is the food allowance for police troops, the monthly communication allowance for each police officer and the RATA for Espenido and his two deputies.

The mayor added they even allowed the local police to use the LGU-owned vehicles and motorcycles complete with a monthly fuel provision.

The mayor continued by saying that Espenido tried to dip his fingers into local governance matters by relocating the ambulant vendors outside the public market premises into the Cotta Shrine area and bullying them to comply.  

She said that there has also been confusion among the city’s riding public after the police officer fixed the motorcab fares to P10 from P8 and issued tariff cards for boundary routes.

“This is usurpation of the functions of the local government which is provided in the Local Government Code,” Luansing said.

“These actions are tantamount to him acting as the replacement local thug, the new hoodlum on the block, which erodes the credibility of the local police which he himself greatly contributed to restoring,” the mayor added.

Fourth, Luansing said that Espenido withdrew in person without appropriate notice the police sentry at the City Hall who was requested by the mayor to secure the area, including her own police escort, who was provided personally by force of President Duterte’s order.

Luansing said this is very unusual and quite alarming since her own security issues are many, largely on the part that she has earned the ire of the Parojinog kin as a result of the cleansing she set up in a number of local government offices inside the City Hall.

Lastly, the mayor said the police chief’s participation has been absent in the City Peace and Order Council, which means that as a law enforcer, he should have assisted the mayor in the proper enforcement of laws and the administration of justice.

At the moment, Espenido is out of town and cannot be contacted.

Michael Medina
The Philippine Preview

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Girlet bewails city’s budget for 2018

OZAMIZ CITY— This time, Acting City Mayor Irene “Girlet” Luansing is obviously enraged with the refusal of the City Council to go along with her plans to deliver good governance to the city.
In a press statement circulated online dated Dec. 28, and a copy sent to the Philippine Preview, Luansing expressed her annoyance with former Bag-ong Ozamiznon partymates who, she said, blocked the passage of the P737-million 2018 Annual Executive Budget that she proposed last October.
Although not named in her statement, a source from the mayor’s camp identified the city lawmakers as Matronillo Cartagenas, Fritz Neil Balgue, April Mecaros Cabantac, Rico Auman and lawyer Robert Cantago Jr.
Luansing said these councilors passed a P633-million budget instead that is not concise with the necessities for working direction of the local government.
She explained that the proposed P737-million budget is supposed to be used for the city’s peace and order program, transfer and control of every department’s operational resources, enhanced health services delivery, direct financial aid and livelihood assistance, disaster response and actions against drug abuse.
She further said that social services should not be discretionary but mandatory and control of these resources should be not in hands of the local chief executive so that control will not rest squarely on the mayor whose only motive would be to intensify one’s political grip.
“But that is not my style of leadership and governance,” she said in her statement.
“Any right thinking legislator, who has concern for public welfare, would never oppose a budget with these features. Worse, the six City councilors gave nothing for peace and order activities! This is highly unthinkable given the huge law and order challenge facing the city, especially curbing illicit drug trade and related crimes, and addressing the problem of drug abuse in a sustained manner,” she added.
Luansing’s also said she couldn’t remotely think that the long-standing association of the mentioned councilmen with the dark past could have influenced this decision.
She justified that if she consents with the P633-million budget to take effect, Ozamiznons stand to lose big in building up its reform in local governance as well as slow up the progress of the quality of social services to its people.
“We are now studying ways to overturn that decision, in the spirit of defeating this attempt by the dark forces of the past to let the light of change spread.”
“Today, I am all the more emboldened to battle the dark forces of the past in order to secure a bright future for Ozamiz City,” she ended.
As of press time, The Philippine Preview tried to contact any of the mentioned councilors but failed as some council employees told this paper the said councilors will say their piece in due time.
The Philippine Preview

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Ozamiz PNP seize P112 million shabu from various operations

OZAmiz city—City Police Chief Insp. Jovie Espenido arrested anew three drug suspects after conducting a real-time serving of search warrants, Dec. 6, Wednesday evening.

The police operations came barely two days after President Rodrigo Duterte brought the Philippine National Police (PNP) to support the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) in the government’s war on illegal drugs and almost two months after he barred them from joining the campaign following the deaths of teenage suspects.

Those arrested were identified by police as Melodin Malingin, Gaudencio Malingin, known supporters of the Parojinogs in the city.

The PNP seized eight kilos of shabu, eight plastic bags and a rolled aluminum foil from the Malingins residence and another two kilos of shabu in two plastic bags, one unit steel vault, one airsoft rifle, and one long magazine from the house of Maychell Parojinog Gumapac.

Espenido was quoted from an interview as saying the shabu that were discovered were the old supply which the Parojinogs kept.

He added that a total of 86 kilos were gathered by police intelligence information since last year coming from Cebu City transported by sea.

The police chief also revealed that a certain Butch Merino, a former driver and bodyguard of detained Vice Mayor Princess Nova Parojinog, was arrested earlier at a checkpoint, yielding some P8 million worth of illegal drugs, a firearm and two magazines.
Police said Merino has identified his supplier as a certain Melden Rabarez who was also arrested in an entrapment operation along with Roselyn Walohan.

Rabarez and Walohan, at the time of their arrest, surrendered P27 million cash and a kilogram of shabu intended for a distributor in Lanao.

The PNP has given the names of the Malingins, Gumapac, Manuelito Francisco, Rizalina Francisco, June Francisco, Ricardo Parojinog and Christopher Parojinog as either supporters and relatives of the slain Mayor Reynaldo Parojinog Sr.

Seized from the house of Franciscos were one M4 Boost Master, three short M16 magazine, one bandoler, 90 pieces live ammunition of M16, two rifle grenade launchers, three live ammunition of M203 and 20 empty cartridges of M16.

Meanwhile, recovered from the house of the Parojinogs were one M16 rifle, one steel short magazine, 19 live ammunition of 5.56 caliber and one hand grenade.

Espenido told reporters that because the Parojinogs were already not in power in Ozamiz, they are now having difficulties to earn money and sell their illegal drugs.

He likewise said he received information that Nova Parojinog still has an involvement on the alleged drug transactions even if she is detained at the PNP Custodial Center as somebody would contact her about the shabu dealings here.

In Duterte’s recent order, the PNP can join anti-drug raids but have to coordinate their actions with the PDEA, which will continue to lead the campaign. (MICHAEL MEDINA The Philippine Preview)

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Napolcom strips Cerilles of control over Zambosur police

PAGADIAN CITY-- The National Police Commission (Napolcom) has stripped Gov. Antonio Cerilles of power to exercise direction and command over Zamboanga del Sur’s police forces, validated information reaching The Philippine Preview said.

The Napolcom-issued order, dated Oct. 30, was contained in a resolution signed by Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) OIC Catalino Cuy and other commissioners.

Cerilles name is with five other mayors from Southern Tagalog who were revoked of their power to exercise control and supervision over their police forces due to their alleged involvement in the illegal drug trade.

But in Cerilles case, according to the Napolcom, it was due to their “receipt of a confidential report outlining the abuse of authority.” It gave no detail on what these abuses were.

In his statement to the media, Cerilles presumed his firm stand against federalism could be one of the primary reasons the Napolcom stripped him of his power over the police.

Even before the election, Cerilles has been outspoken with his position against federalism saying it will cause a breakdown in the government.

In a report by RMN-DxPR, it said that the governor’s camp plans to write a rejoinder and send reproductions of awards received by the province declaring it as a peaceful place in Mindanao.

It also mentioned in its report posted in Facebook that another cause revealed by the governor is his order to shut down quarry sites in several areas in the province.

Last May, hundreds of families depending on sand and gravel quarrying in at least three towns in the province called on President Duterte to intervene, saying they were going hungry after Cerilles closed quarrying sites in their area.

A report then was released saying billions of pesos worth of government projects had been suspended because of lack of sand and gravel as Cerilles stood determined by his closure order, saying it was aimed at curbing illegal quarrying.

Several anti-Cerilles told Philippine Preview such reason is “very meaningless.” (MICHAEL MEDINA)