Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Police digs another mass grave in Capucao

OZAMIZ CITY—This time around, police members of the City PNP Office uncovered suspected human bones in an alleged Parojinog mass grave in Brgy. Capucao C, a hinterland village which is 3 kilometers west from the city proper.

This information was obtained yesterday, Aug. 7, by The Philippine Preview, which quoted police as saying they have dug up bones, clothing, and personal items in the alleged mass grave in a hole measuring 15 feet deep.

Informants have tipped police about the location of the alleged mass grave where the enemies of the Parojinog family were buried under huge trees about 300 meters away from the barangay road.

Police Chief Insp. Jovie Espenido said the items will be sent to forensics experts for investigation, and will be used for case build-up against the “Martilyo gang” and the Parojinogs.
According to the PNP, the mass grave was allegedly used by members of the "Martilyo gang," which has been linked to the Parojinogs.

The excavation team discovered clothes of four suspected dead bodies in the site along with personal belongings and a rope.

This week, city police said they will excavate all alleged mass grave used by the Parojinogs as burial site for their alleged business and political opponents.

Their first shot in Cogon only revealed sacks of animal bones and garbage but Espenido said he will not give up for he believed that the mass graves in Ozamiz really existed.

Espenido added they planned to excavate the demolished old house of the mayor in Bagakay, rumored as another mass grave and an old hideout of the members of the Parojinog syndicate.

As this developed, a source told The Philippine Preview the suspected bones might have been rebels buried during the Kuratong Baleleng days of the late Octavio “Ongkoy” Parojinog Sr., which organized by the military to go after the communist New People’s Army in Mindanao in 1986. (MICHAEL MEDINA)