Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Drunk brothers arrested for stirring trouble

Salug, ZamboNorte: Two drunk brothers were arrested last Nov. 25 after they were caught creating public scandal near a gasoline station in Poblacion East, police said.

Responding policemen arrested Cesar Layam Mayormita, 45, and his brother Orman. They assisted Cesar to board inside the PNP service vehicle, but he resisted and tried to move out but was right away subdued.

Police officers said Orman, who was lying on the ground, accidentally bumped the policeman who helped him up.

Both drunks brought to Liloy Integrated Health District Hospital for examination and were later detained at Salug MPS.

A case of “serious resistance and disobedience to agents of person in authority” was filed against them.

The said accused brothers are still in the custody of Salug MPS while waiting for the commitment order from court.