Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Buy only fresh fruits, veges

OROQUIETA CITY: Buy only fresh fruits and vegetables and wash them thoroughly with running water before cooking or eating, the health office said.

Also, wash hands thoroughly before, during and after food preparation, before and after eating, after using the toilet, or as often as necessary, MOPHO added.

These are very basic reminders to avoid getting sick from ailments sourced from food mishandling or contamination during the holiday season, provincial health officer Dr. Rachel T. Micarandayo said

The public should stay away from uncalled-for ailments resulting from food with microbiological, chemical and physical contamination, she added.

Some of these fruits and vegetables may have come from the farms and sprayed with chemicals as preservatives to make it into the public markets in time for the holidays, she said.

Micarandayo also said the public should make sure to prepare food only in clean work areas, using clean containers, utensils, cutting boards and sponges.

This way, emergencies and food poisoning will be avoided, she explained. (WITH REPORTS FROM PIA)