Thursday, December 11, 2014

BFAR tells Zampen seaweed growers to enlarge farms

PAGADIAN CITY: The Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (Bfar) is urging seaweed farmers in the region to develop their farm size to increase production and meet demands, a new report reaching Philippine Preview said.

BFAR national seaweeds coordinator Isidro Velayo said their advice is also for farmers to boost seaweed production and improve their quality of living.

Velayo said small or inadequate farming size is the problem for farmers to see despite the vast potential of seaweed production in the region.

Planting five to 10 lines is a big difference than planting 200 to 300 lines of seaweeds, Velayo explained, since large volume can command better price for the seaweeds.

But farmers produce lesser and is not even enough for their needs, Velayo lamented.

To address the situation, he stressed that Bfar is laying plans to ease the plight of the farmers by extending seaweed production support to existing farmers for farming area expansion.

These include seedlings, soft tie and floaters, he added, giving farmers surplus income that will uplift their living.

Farmers should aim to expand their area since there are still vast coastal areas that can be utilized in the region, BFAR said.

In Zambo Norte, for example, the coastal area utilized for farming is only about 10 percent.

One ton per harvest would be around P56,000 in 60 days, estimates Velayo, and three or four cropping per year be around P224,000, enough for our farmers to have a decent quality of life.

However, BFAR reminded farmers to produce only quality seaweeds.