Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Drag racers get Mayor Beng’s ire

ZAMBOANGA CITY: Mayor Beng Climaco has ordered city policemen to make stronger its anti-drag racing efforts.

Climaco said she wants to deal with the disturbing reports of the continued occurrence of drag racing in city streets calling it a risky leisure.

She said she will put into writing her order to have a full-force execution of the anti-drag racing campaign.

Drag racing formed in the country uses motorcycles which compete to be first to cross a set finish line in a short, straight course.

This street racing form is illegal, said the mayor, that she will not tolerate as it poses a serious danger to motorists, pedestrians, and properties as well as it  disturb patients recovering in hospitals.

Drag racers usually use the Veterans Avenue near the Zamboanga Doctor’s Hospital and San Jose Gusu as the site for their illegal races.

Police have given chase to drag racers in the past but have refrained from pinning down the culprits to keep drivers away from accidents including themselves and other motorists.

The ZCPO has reported that they have impounded a total of seven motorcycles involved in a drag racing last Sunday, Nov. 23 as they noted about as many as 80 individuals composing the crowd of spectators in the said race.

Drag racers, the ZCPO added, insult them by failing to stop at the request of authorities conducting operations that they request a law should be made to punish those resisting and disobeying them.