Sunday, August 6, 2017

City PNP dig mass graves allegedly used by Parojinogs for salvage victims

Ozamiz city--City police discovered and dug, Aug. 4, what was thought to be a mass grave allegedly used by the Parojinog family for their salvage victims but instead found an old compost pile.

PNP Ozamiz, led by Police C/Insp. Jovie Espenido with Police Senior Inspectors Dennis Tano and Shiela Acosta, hollowed out two deep holes at Purok 1 Cogon, some 5 kilometers from the city proper .

Village chairman Ludivina Macayran told reporters it is good that the excavation finally pushed through so as to end the so called unfounded information passed on as rumors among residents that the area was used as a burial place of victims of extra-judicial killings supposedly perpetrated by the mayor and his goons.

Macayran said she received complaints from residents last February who complained about a foul odor coming from     the area so the council decided to cover the two big holes with a truck load of soil.

She added the residents did not see that a body was dumped in the area but only smelled the stench.

Police used a backhoe to burrow the holes where sacks of garbage were dug out along with sacks containing animal bones and feathers.

The trash and pieces of bones will be taken to Regional Lab Crime laboratory for processing, said the PNP.

Espenido also told reporters he ordered the excavation to know how true are the disclosures about this so-called clandestine mass grave in the area.

Espenido added he also wants to substantiate reports that salvage victims, who are either robbery victims who were not locals and suspected government assets, were buried at suspected dumping grounds.

As this developed, a certain “Noel” claimed that he had worked for the Parojinogs as a hitman and drug courier for 20 years stated that he chopped the bodies of the murdered enemies of the former Mayor.

Espenido disclosed that the property where the bones were found was allegedly owned by a certain Marlon Parojinog, a former kagawad who eventually resigned, and a nephew of the late mayor.

The police chief claimed that Marlon was also a member of the notorious “Martilyo Gang” victimizing big malls in Manila.

Last week, Espenido and his men dug the demolished old residence of Parojinog in Bagakay to know if the Parojinogs really buried dead bodies there.

The PNP said the old mansion is formerly a meeting place of the alleged members of the syndicate handled by the Parojinog to plan for their next crime.

It also was used as a ‘cemetery’ for their political foes and illegal drug trade competitors, information quoting Espenido said.

He added that pulling down their mansion gave him an idea that the Parojinogs were hiding something from the current administration.

The police chief ended by saying he “will not stop digging until mass graves will be found.” (MICHAEL MEDINA)