Thursday, January 1, 2015

Two civilians hurt in new Zambo blast

ZAMBOANGA CITY: Two people were injured in an explosion last Monday evening, Dec. 29, here, police said.

The bomb explosion happened along the exact place in busy Tomas Claudio Street where two earlier explosions occurred last Nov. 9.

The site is a block away from the main police department here.

ZCPO spokesperson Supt. Ariel Huesca said the blast ripped a room in the De Luxe Massage and Karaoke Bar.

The injured individuals were also identified as Sheila Garcia Lee, 47, and Biabilla Nenita, 27.

Police and military authorities declared they have the situation under control, urging the populace to remain calm and vigilant.

The local police force added they already had invited several persons for questioning about the blast.

Mayor Maria Isabelle Salazar, with police and military commanders, went to the scene to personally see the situation.

Last month, a member of the police bomb squad was wounded when an IED exploded inside the bar as he and his K9 searched for bombs.