Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Dead man floating in Dimataling; fire burns stores in Midsalip

PAGADIAN CITY: Police reported of an unidentified male dead body found at Brgy. Kagawasan, Dimataling in the evening last Dec. 11.

The body was identified as that of Aldren M. Baran, a barangay tanod and resident of Pitogo.

Baran was found dead with two gunshot wounds on his right knee and stabbed wound on his anus.

Police believed he was killed somewhere else and thrown in Dimataling considering that no gun burst was heard by the residents.

Suspects, as usual, were at large and unknown for the meantime.

In Pagadian, in the afternoon of Dec. 13, a hacking incident was reported at Napolan wherein victim was named Demetrio A. Sardual, a fisherman.

His attacker is his neighbor and drinking buddy, Ricardo C.  Cabiguin.

Police investigation said that both were having a drinking spree when a heated altercation ensued between them.

A few minutes later, suspect went to his house purposely to avoid trouble but the victim chased and provoked Cabiguin, which prompted the suspect to grab a hunting knife inside his house and hacked the victim.

As a result, Sardual sustained minor hacked wound on his head and right arm while Cabiguin sustained lacerated wound on his left toe.

Responding police arrested Cabiguin and confiscated his hunting knife and brought him to the nearest hospital including Sardual for medical treatment, then brought them to Pagadian City Police Station for proper disposition.

Cabiguin is now detained.

In Midsalip, a dawn fire transpired last Dec. 13 at Poblacion B, at a store owned by Mario Adiong.

The PNP, with BFP elements, came and cordoned the area to prevent looters who might take advantage of the situation.

Adiong’s place was totally razed to ground and fire spread into eight other commercial establishments made of light materials.

The BFP said its short circuit and total damages placed at almost P5-M.