Tuesday, April 2, 2013

DA trains 3rd batch of TOT farmers


“Sapat na bigas, kaya ng Pinas” was chorused by the farmers and irrigators association on their 3RD Batch Season – Long Training of Trainers (TOT) for Farmers/ Irrigators Association on Palay Check Graduation Day was recently held at Casa Emsa, Airport Road, Labangan, Pagadian City.

 Some 32 graduates were presented by the TOT Adviser and facilitator, Gianipa A. Manupac with the acceptance and confirmation of the Regional Executive Director, Eduardo B. Holoyohoy.

He encouraged the farmers to work hand in hand in rice production in achieving its goal to rice self-sufficiency saying “the Department of Agriculture (DA) is committed to keep pace with the needs and progress of the Filipino people and its agriculture by supporting new markets and movements that will keep farmers profitable and help create an income generating rice granary throughout the year.”

 The TOT Program for Palay Check is part of the efforts of the DA to secure for sufficiency in our country. It aims to enhance the knowledge of the rice farmers and irrigators to minimize the cost of farm inputs by maximizing the use of available resources and to minimize the big gap of the harvests in terms of yield from one cropping to another.

 In celebration of 2013 as the National Year of Rice (NYR 2013), its advocacy on responsible rice consumption requires the public, producers, and policy makers to work hand in hand in achieving its goal for rice self-sufficiency.

“We are eating more rice and than other food groups when rice and other grains should only be one-fourth of our plate meal. We restrict our energy source too much to rice, “ according to Regional Rice Action Officer , Winifreda P. Jose. She presented the Panatang Makapalay (Pledge for Rice) in driving consumers to save rice.

The pledge emphasizes on responsible rice consumption – cooking rice correctly, preparing, and taking just enough to minimize waste, to value every grain, and to acknowledge the efforts of the farmers. “For each grain saved, a life is saved.”

This line elevates the status of the farmers not only as rice producers but also as life savers, giving life to the nation. “Ang mga mag-uuma mao ang dugo nga naglatay sa nasud,” Provincial Coordinator, Jose Agad Jr. said. (Inelin Cabiguin)