Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Zambosur eyes full, complete Philhealth coverage

Before bowing out on her last term, Gov. Aurora Cerilles said she is making sure her target to enroll 100 percent of Zambosurian indigents with the Philippine Health Insurance Corp. (Philhealth) will be met.

Cerilles vowed to expand the coverage of Philhealth to embrace more beneficiaries who were not enrolled before and were not covered by the Social Security System or the Government Service Insurance System and even those who do not have any health insurance.

With the presence of the Zambosur Medical Center (ZSMC) and the intensified Inter-Local Health Zones (ZILHZs) in trhe province, the governor stressed that securing health services in the province will be easy with Philhealth.

Cerilles who chairs of the Provincial Health Board, calls her plan “universal health insurance coverage.” This means that all eligible indigents of Zambosur will be given coverage in medical and dental health care.

Cerilles then urged all city and municipal executives to measure up with her target and aim for the same goal, enrolling all their indigent households with Philihealth.

“Health is our priority, it is sone of my 7-Points Agenda and before I finish my term. I want my agenda to succeed,” Cerilles said.

It was learned that the governor, along with Representatives Victor Yu and Antonio Cerilles, has implemented Philhealth’s multi-payor scheme, a system launched by Philhealth since 2005 that provides health insurance coverage to more 50 p[ercent of the indigent and underprivileged clients in the locality.

Such a scheme was implemented in order for all local government seats, whether the barangay, municipal and provincial, to allocate financial counterpart in the first two years of its implementation.

An example under this scheme, the beneficiary will only pay 25 percent of the total premium while LGUs will equally share the remaining 75 percent.

So far, of the total target of 134,301 beneficiaries, Philihealth data states that about 92.216 were enrolled in Zambgosur4, which is about 57 percent in total enrollment.

Cerilles said the with the Provincial-wide Investment Plan for health in place, the province was able to receive a grant from the health department amounting toP1.5 million for the maternal newborn child health and nutrition and commodity self reliance.

She likewise disclosed that with the teamwork of her husband, the congressman, they were able to obtain a subsidy from Senate President Juan Ponce Ebrile in the amount of P10-million for ZSMC’s expansion.

The funding, according to Cerilles will be for the establishment of the Physical Therapy Center and the construction of private rooms in the said hospital. The bidding for this project will be made next month.

All these plans, Cerilles hopes, will be achieved with the full backing of the provincial board and local chief executives as she urged them to attend the regular policy board meetings in their respective ILHZs.

Under Zambosur;s new health system, three ILHZs were set up: J-Smart, Dumanquillas and Yllana, from which all the 26 towns of the two districts Zambosur were assigned accordingly.