Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Zambosur promotes Sepak takraw

Provincial Press Bureau

Soon Zambosurians will be kicking rattan balls with the latest promotion of Sepak takraw, the Indonesian version of our sipa, as a good outdoor sport.

Sepak takraw is a sport native to Southeast Asia resembling volleyball, where players use a rattan ball hitting it with their feet, knee, chest and head to touch the ball.

Sepak takraw has gained popularity in Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Laos, Australia, Philippines and Indonesia.

Last Nov. 12-14, the Provincial Tourism, Culture and Arts Office held a coaching and referee seminar on Sepak takraw.

Held at the Bulwagan ng Kabataan, PGC in Dao, the said sport is being implemented under the Comprehensive Sports Development Program of Gov. Aurora Cerilles.

Provincial sports coordinator-designate and board member Flaviano Fucoy III said retired M/Gen. Mario Tanchanco, president of the Philippine Amateur Sepak Takraw Association (PASTA), veteran Sepak takraw coach Manuel Eslao and Judith Laygo of the Philippine Sports Commission articulated on the rudiments of the sport.

During the three-day seminar that tackled the theory, actual game, coaching and refereeing, some 50 sports coordinators, coaches and referees from around the province got involved.

Fucoy explained that Cerilles wanted the youth to play Sepak takraw as it provides fun, recreation and a sense of shared interest in the community.

The governor’s husband, Rep. Antonio Cerilles, considers Sepak takraw a fitting sport for everybody as it does not require size and muscle but skills.

The Cerilles couple hopes ZamboSur will be able to produce a formidable Sepak takraw team to compete in future Southeast Asian Games.