Tuesday, November 25, 2008

NUJP-Pagadian unfazed by murders of mediamen


The latest murder of another mediaman from Gingoog City, by apparently hired killers, has not reduced the dedication and determination of journalist from this Western Mindanao regional center from pursuing their “dangerous trade.”

The killing of Aristeo Padregao, allegedly in front of his grade school pupil is the most dastardly act that only men of evil land wicked nature can perpetrate. Such murderous tendency of men hit by media practitioners has even increased the resolve of Pagadian journalists to continue with their uncompromising profession no matter how dangerous it has already become.

The NUJP Pagadian City Chapter, headed by Hirohito “jong” D. Cadion strongly condemn the killing of Padregao, more so, because the law on libel has remain available for public officials, politicians and big businessmen to avail of, when they are hit in the radio or the newspapers.

The authorities should, however, leave no stone unturned, until the perpetrators and their masterminds are brought before the bar of justice.