Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Zambosur voters near 600T

A total of 558,871 Zambosurian voters will cast their ballot this May in the first ever nationwide automated elections, a latest Comelec voters list stated.

The said number already include the 109,339 voters of Pagadian City, the regional center, which is part of the first district.

The said list, which was taken by this paper last Nov. 16, 2009, excluded the newly registered voters in the province culled during the 5-day extension of registration of the Comelec last Dec. 21-29,2009.

A source from the provincial Comelec office, however, said additional new voters during the said period for Pagadian only reached 395 while an estimated 1,500 voters will likely be added to the overall current list in the province.

Previously, City Election Officer Dinah Sapong listed a total of 5,592 first time voters in Pagadian. All in all, there are 143 clustered precincts out of the established 724 in 54 barangays all over the city.

Another Comelec report dated June 2009 obtained from the national office disclosed a total of 936,797 voters for Zambosur in the last 2007 elections. Minus the present figure, an overall difference of 377,926 is noted.

For the first district, the towns of Tukuran, Aurora, Mahayag, Molave and Labangan can be classified as vote-rich municipalities with voters numbering more than 25,000. The towns of Josefina and Sominot tallied only 6,193 and 9,299 voters, respectively.

Bayog, Dimataling, Dumalinao, Margosatubig and Lapuyan are the vote-rich places in the second district with voters numbering between 17,000 to 20,000. Tigbao and Lakewood has the least voters in the same district, with 10,558 and 10,864, respectively.

All in all, the first district registered 223,023 electorates while 226,509 were counted in the second district.

There are 27,793 new registrants for the whole province, including some 6,845 who transferred from other municipalities, another 158 were reactivated with transfer and 788 were reactivated.

A total of 4,158 registrants were canceled either by reason of death, transfer, double registry or double entry.

There are pairing bets vying for the two congress seats, governorship, vice-governorship, and mayoralty and vice-mayoralty posts in Pagadian while 22 candidates are running for the provincial board and another 20 for the city council.

Comelec Resolution 8646 has confined the dates of campaign relative to the May polls to March 26 to May 8 for members of the House of Representatives, elective provincial, city and municipal officials.